Wooden man

Wooden Men are objects given to the dogs by High Roller to replace humans after he told the dogs that real humans were liars. The dogs initially preferred them, but later learned that they lacked loyalty or the ability to properly lead the dogs' sled teams.  They appeared in Dog Castle.


Wooden Men are nut brown coloured, with an oval shaped head with black hair and eyes and mouth painted on, as well as a cylindrical body.  They possess a stick and wheels instead of legs so that they can be pulled along by the dogs.  They have small arms with a hole in them where the reins for the dogs are held.


  • Its unknown why the dogs preferred the wooden men, since they did not do anything.
  • At least one wooden man's head was seen rotating and a low "bleeping" sound was heard. It is unknown why this was, though it may have meant the wooden men were more than just wood.

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