High roller's whales, using their scary eye attack.

Whales are species of aquatic mammals that are known to live in Hidden Kingdom.  They have no known king or queen, and, rather unusually, various whales serve different factions in the war.


Whales first appeared in The Pitched Battle of the NaviesSammo Whale, a member of Big Green, took First Squad and the Sailor Brothers to meet the Soil Monster.  However, three other whales, belonging to HighRoller's navy, attempted to stop them.  This led to a game of water volleyball, which was ultimately won by Sammo with some help from First Squad.   

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Whales are noted for their great swimming abilities.  Due to their great size, other beings may use them for transortation, sometimes by riding in their mouths.  They can generate huge spouts of water from their blowholes, which may be utilized for a variety of purposes.  Whales also have great resistance to the cold, as Sammo has been known to swim in frigid arctic waters without difficulty.


It is very dangerous for whales to dive too deep, due to the crushing pressure.


  • All the whales that have appeared seem to be modeled on sperm whales.
    • Although it has on two occasions been mentioned that Sammo can only dive so deep, real-world sperm whales can dive the deepest of any air-breathing animal.

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