Scrapped content that were unused in the show

Unknown HeroesEdit


A unknown hero at first looked to be a medical hero, although when the flies of the said hero is downloaded it is revealed that he is an assassin type. His weapon behind fish skeleton sword.
Charac 3View Assasin 001 1000

Turn Around of The assassin hero

Charac expression Assasin 001 1000

Assassin Hero's expressions along with weapon


A unknown hero that might have been an old design of the Commander of Darkness, as both of them have candle or fire above their heads, along with breads. It is unknown if he is or not. His weapon is a canon that is his left arm. Closer look at his hand, he has five fingers. It's highly possible that he's based on Shi Yong, the 'Stone General', including the fact that he's wearing armor of ancient Chinese generals.
Charac 3View Stone 001 14 1000

Turn around of Stone hero

Charac expression Stone 001 1000

Stone Hero's expressions


Another unknown hero, looking to be the a chief, but upon looking to his flies name and the dices he holds in his hands. It is also to note that he too has five fingers.
Charac 3view Dice 001 1000

Dice hero's turn around (It is unknown why it's black and white.)

Charac expression Dice 001 1000

Dice Hero's expressions


An unknown heroine, at first glance appear to be male, but looking to her closed eyes reveale eyelashes. The item she is holding is unknown to be a weapon or a regular item she carries around. Another thing is that she could have been based around snow, with her light colored clothes, almost pale skin, and her item almost looking like a snowflake or a white flower. Rising the possibility that she could have been based on Yang Chun, whose nickname was 'White Flower Serpent'.
Charac 3view White 001 1000

White heroine turn around

Unkown Hero # 1Edit

Unkown hero 1

A gray-ish green hero

A hero with a gray-ish green skin with a spiked club that appears in Hero: 108 Origins.

Unkown Hero # 2Edit

Unkown hero 2

Hero #2 sweating

A hero with tan skin with his hair in a bun, he may also have unknown powers as his hands were glowing red in one of the panels.

Egyptian Hero

A hero that is an egyptian theme, with his weapon being a ball and chian.
Unkown Egyptian Hero

Unused AnimalsEdit

Turtle VarietiesEdit

Charac all B 002 1000

Four different turtles with different: Shells, feet, eyes, and heads

Four unused turtle types were scrapped. Looking far different from the normal turtles, Turtle King, and Lady Green's turtle.

Giant Turtle Edit

Giant Turtle

Giant Turtle, appearing that the base was its shell

In the Hero: 108 Origins Episode 04, it shows a giant turtle with a shell that would be Big Green.

Scrapped IdeasEdit

Feral AnimalsEdit

In one of the scenes of the Hero: 108 Origins it showed a yellow orange tiger scaring a few humans that were stuck in a tree. It showed Ox King coming to the humans aid. So it was possble that there were going to be both feral animals and those that have kingdoms of the same species. It was possible that Blackeye the raccoon may have been feral, seeing how he doesn't have much of intelligence. With this, the ones with more intelligence are those that live in castle and help humans.

A feral tiger

Feral Tiger in Hero: 108 Origins

Chameleon Queen's Shell?Edit

The face of the Giant Turtle in Hero: 108 Origins was showed to look like Chameleon Queen with the same big eyes, red skin, and had a long tougne, but without her spikes. While in the show it show the queen being a  small animal before eating too many bug, making her grow in size to which she would have to armor made out of a giant bell.
The Face of the Giant Turtle

Giant Turtle's face

Human Size Yan ChingEdit

Tall Yan Ching

Yan Ching next to Unknown Hero # 2 for size compression.

In Hero: 108 Origins it shows Yan Ching being the size of a normal human, instead of being smaller like in the show.

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