Tien Khuan
Tien Kwan
Basic Information
Allies Lin Chung, Chiung Ming (formerly)
Enemies Chiung Ming, HighRoller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased).
Voice actor Andrew Francis
Species Human

Tien Khuan is a heroic human distinguished for having been Lin Chung's master. Little is currently known of him, and he has only appeared in a sort of astral state (except in flashbacks), making it unclear whether he is alive or deceased.


Not much is known about Tien Khuan, though at some point in the past, he was an ally of Chiung Ming. The two eventually became enemies when Chiung Ming pursued the power of the Sword of Dark Fire, leading to a war and the cursing of the sword.

Lin Chung trained with Tien Khuan before joining Big Green. Lin Chung was not his only student, though he was reportedly his best.

Sometime later, during the events of The Rise of Lin Chung, Tien Khuan contancted Lin Chung and began to teach him to wield Harmonic Energy, to which end he created numerous illusions for his student to challenge.

In The Yeti & Phoenix, Tien Khuan again contancted his student, imparting his wisdom and teaching him that Harmonic Energy exists in everyone.

Tien Khuan would appear again after the destruction of Big Green by Twin Masters in The Bronze Giant. He told Lin Chung of the Bronze Giant, composed of 107 heroes. He appeared again several times during the following battle.


Tien Khuan is rather short, with white hair in a short ponytail behind his head, thick white eyebrows and a long white beard, which makes him appear quite old. He has small round eyes and a small nose, and he wears a purple robe and has skinny legs and doesn't wear any shoes.


Tien Khuan holds extensive knowledge of the secrets of Hidden Kingdom, including Harmonic Energy and the Bronze Giant. He is exceedingly wise, for which Lin Chung reveres him, and also patient.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tien Khuan is capable of wielding certain mystic powers, which possibly are derived from mastery of Harmonic Energy. He is known to be able to produce illusions, a skill Lin Chung has never demonstrated.

Tien Khuan, having been Lin Chung's master, may possess similar martial arts similar to those of his renowned pupil, though he has never demonstrated them.



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