The Yeti & Phoenix
Season 2, Episode 39
ScreenCapture 16.04.13 11-48-13
Production Code: 220
Airdate: May 31, 2012
Director: Pongo Kuo, Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Thomas Pugsley, Greg Klein
Monster Castle
Collision Course

The Yeti & Phoenix is episode thirty-nine of season two of Hero: 108, and episode ninety-one overall.


Lin Chung believes that he has lost his power of Harmonic Energy after battling Twin Masters and his Chaotic Energy-enhanced Gila Monsters.

Meanwhile, Twin Masters turns Polar Bear King into a Yeti and Bald Eagle King into a phoenix to destroy First Squad. Lin Chung regains his harmonic energy from the other members of First Squad and uses it to return Polar Bear King and Bald Eagle King back to normal, much to Twin Masters' dismay.


  • This is the episode where Big Green finally makes peace with the bald eagles.
  • First appearance of Polar Bear King.



Lin Chung

Mighty Ray

Mystique Sonia


Jumpy Ghostface

Commander ApeTrully

Twin Masters

Polar Bear King as a Yeti

Eagle King as a Phoenix


Mr. No Hands

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