The Lizard King
Season 2, Episode 6
The Lizard King 021
Production Code: 204
Airdate: May 9, 2012
Director: Pongo Kuo, Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Thomas Pugsley, Greg Klein
Pangolin Castle
Prince of Seagulls

The Lizard King is episode six of season two of Hero: 108, and episode fifty-eight overall.


First Squad welcomes the cunning Lizard King to Big Green. Suspicous, only Lin Chung realizes that Lizard King has struck a deal with Twin Masters.


In a thick forest, First Squad is fighting the lizards, but the heroes quickly overcome them. This prompts Lizard King to come forward, casually stepping over the pile of his defeated warriors. He shoots his energy beams from the eye spots on his frill in the direction of Lin Chung and Mystique Sonia, who dodge it, causing it to hit the thorny vines behind them. The vines rapidly bloom, but also shower the area with an array of thorns, which First Squad's warriors also dodge. Lizard King announces that while he is unhappy with outcome of the battle, he respects Big Green. He tells of studying humans from afar, and for this reason he wants to join Big Green. As he offers them the flowers he made to bloom, all but Lin Chung are quick to accept.

In First Squad's headquarters, the Lizard King marvels at the uniqueness of the humans warriors, something lacking amongst his lizards. Lin Chung comments on how people even fail to recognize their true selves, and takes the opportunity to unveil some portraits aimed at revealing First Squad's inner selves. The portraits are universally found to be far from flattering, with some considered offensive and others simply bizarre. Mighty Ray's, intended to depict compassion, is interpreted by him as weak.  Sonia's, meant to convey inner strength, is taken as ugly. The rest are regarded similarly.

It is at this time that Woo the Wise arrives, showing off his 4D Visual Component Enhancer, designed to capture images in 4D for realism. Excited by this prospect, First Squad, save for Lin Chung, and ApeTrully are quick to have images taken of them, which Lizard King provides. All are quite pleased by the results. Lin Chung, hurt inwardly, decides to leave to train outside.  Lizard King then calls for a group portrait. However, he then uses his energy attack, focused through the 4D Visual Component Enhancer, to freeze them solid. He then ponders his reward for turning them over to Twin Masters.

When Lin Chung returns, he is perplexed by the disappearance of First Squad, but soon comes to suspect the Lizard King. He thus sets out for Lizard Castle, which he infiltrates, disarming numerous lizards on the way. Lizard King, however, has expected him, and attempts the freezing trick. Lin Chung retaliates with harmonic energy, which holds the freezing energy at bay, before knowcking it back and being focused backward through the 4D Visual COmponent Enhancer, leading it to strike First Squad and Commander Apetrully, who are freed.

In the following battle, though First Squad hold the upper hand, they begin to realize that Lin Chung's insights were not as far off as they had though. ApeTrully reveals another side, which allows him to battle the lizards. Mr. No Hands lets loose. Sonia realizes her strength while toppling a table on some lizards. Mighty Ray soon finds himself compelled to help those same trapped lizards. After this act of compassion the lizards lose their aggerssion, so that only the Lizard King remains with a spirit of battle.

Lizard King approaches his lizards, raising his frill so as to force them to continue the battle. The lizards, however, will not be forced. Supplied with rope by Jumpy, they attack en masse and tie up the king, whom they declare is not longer their ruler. First Squad acknowledges that Lin Chung had known them after all.

Back at Big Green, Jumpy, Mighty Ray, Mr. No Hands, Sonia, and ApeTrully unveil some art of their own to Lin Chung, a conglomeration painting to which each of them contributed. Though it bears next to no resemblance to Lin Chung, he manages to remain polite, saying that he could ask for nothing more. He comes to learn that he will not need to, as several have been made and now adorn his room.


Trivia Edit

  • First appearance of the Lizard King.


  • It is unknown how the Lizard King managed to smuggle the frozen First Squad and ApeTrully all the way to Lizard Castle.
  • The Zebra Brothers don't appear in this episode.


With one common goal: harmony. Stay focused. Stay on mission. Every detail matters.
―Mr. No Hands on the misssion of First Squad.
Vanity is always a human's downfall.
―Lizard King


  • In one scene, Lizard King has four nostrils.
  • The shadows that appear as Lizard King photographs First Squad individually do not match the shadow that Lin Chung notices afterward.
  • The distance between the stands holding Lin Chung's painting changes between scenes.
  • Paint blots on the paintings created by First Squad are not only identical on ever canvas, but resemble paintings in Lizard Castle as well.


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