Lin Chung and Mighty Ray hanging on bars, playing Table Soccer

Table Soccer is a competition game that was played in "Table Soccer Competition".


The Zebra Brothers showed HighRoller a new trick they learned. After failing at first, they get it right second time, and have sculpted themselves into a large football. They suggested they hold a Table Soccer Competition against Big Green and they can cheat.

The competition was arranged, and at first HighRoller suggested if he won, he would get Big Green, and if they won, they get East Citadel. Commander ApeTrully nearly agreed, but was stopped by Mr. No Hands, forcing HighRoller to unwillingly to change the rules. They then decided whoever lost would have to drink all the juice out of the Water Tower. The team go gets the most points wins

The game then started, with each team hanging from bars over a large pitch, looking like a large game of foosball. HighRollers team gets the unfair advantage, having the zebras as a ball. The zebras flew at First Squad, knocking Jumpy Ghostface into the goal. They then proceed to knock Mighty Ray, Apetrully and Mr. NoHands into the goal. The ball flew at Lin Chung, and he desperately tries to avoid it, tiring him out. Mystique Sonia notices and kicks the ball away, back at HighRoller, knocking him into the goal.

Sonia then flew around the pitch, using Yaksha to move, and it wore Yaksha and the zebra ball out. Sonia kisses Yaksha, making him recover. HighRoller sees this and kisses the zebra ball, disgusting them and they break apart, revealing the ball was zebras. First Squad realise they were cheating and have yaksha turn into a football, using it for the game. Yaksha tries to knock the Bears on HighRoller's team into the goal, but they are too strong. They try aiming at HighRoller instead, but he kisses Yaksha, disgusting him. Sonia blows air kisses at Yaksha, reviving him, while HighRoller blows them too, counteracting the effect of Sonia's kisses. Mighty Ray then blows air kisses at HighRoller, to distract him, and Sonia revives Yaksha. HighRoller gets hit by yaksha and knocked I ti the goal, after he had fallen from being hit by an air kiss from Mighty Ray. After the bears won't fall, they aim at the bars, knocking the bears down and into the goal, winning the game for First Squad. HighRoller, as a forfeit, had to drink all the juice from the Water Tower, which bloated him.

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