Strength Buns

Mystique Sonia demonstrates the effects of the buns.

Strength buns are a certain variation of the buns which Mystique Sonia is known to grow. 


When consumed, strength buns instantly cause muscle to form and thus increase the eater's strength, and more muscle forms with each bun eaten.  Muscle growth will initially be concentrated in the arms, but will eventually overtake the entire body, substantially increasing the consumer's bulk.  After a certain quantity are consumed, numerous adverse side effects will appear, including lethargy and nausea, to the point that the consumer lacks the energy to use his or her enhanced strength.  In this state, the eater will appear extremely fat rather than muscular, though he or she will still be strong.

The effects of strength buns can be lost over time.


Strength buns have only been known to be grown by Mystique Sonia in Lion Castle.  Frustrated by her loss to Mighty Ray in a game of strength, Sonia grew a copious amount of buns, and, pleased by the strength they gave her, proceeded to eat all of them.  However, this backfired when she started becoming too bulky to easily move.  The side effects continued during her mission to Lion Castle, though her enhanced strength did allow Big Green to impress Lion King. Afterward, she exercised strenuously to return to her original state.


  • In The Pitched Battle of the Navies, Sonia grows what she refers to as "Strength Dumplings," which have somewhat similar properties.
  • It would appear that strength buns do not truly create muscle when they enhance strength, as exercise counteracts their effects rather than augmenting them. 

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