The Stone Monkey Deity

The Stone Monkey Deity is a huge stone monkey who gave Mighty Ray his Magical Electrical Eyeballs prior to him joining Big Green.


Sometime prior to High Roller's war, Mighty Ray was brought to him by Commander ApeTrully, after his eyes were turned to stone by the Zebra Brothers Ghost Lanterns. The Stone Monkey Deity traded his eyes (the electrical eyeballs) for Mighty Ray's stone ones. He then appeared again, in The Eyes of Mighty Ray, when Mighty Ray was brought to him again, by Commander ApeTrully, and he restored the connection to the eyeballs, meaning Mighty Ray could see out of them no matter how far away they were.



  • The crown that the Stone Monkey wears resembles the crown that is worn by Sun Wukong (or Monkey King), a main character in the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West.

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