Stingray Army
Stingrays are a race of animals that inhabit Hidden Kingdom. Their leader is Stingray King, but they have no known castle.


The stingrays were encountered by the Zebra Brothers in Stingray, who were dumping trash into the ocean. The stingrays took offense, but were eventually convinced that it was actually Big Green that was responsible.

The stingrays then confronted First Squad outside of Big Green, who were in fact working to clean the ocean-strewn garbage themselves. The two battled, and the stingrays were ultimately made to see that the zebras really were responsible. He resolved to force them to clean the ocean.

Stingray King appeared individually in The Ghost Ship, where he, alongside Octopus King came under the trance of Lanternfish King and left Big Green, only to later be rescued. He appeared again in Marine Mine, working alongside Lady Green when it was discovered that HighRoller planned to attack Big Green with the blowfish army. He then appeared in The Bronze Giant Part II, as one of the 107 heroes that formed the Bronze Giant.

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