Star Nosed Moles 144
Star-Nosed Mole Castle is the home of the Star-Nosed Moles in Hidden Kingdom. It is ruled by Star-Nosed Mole King.

Surrounding AreaEdit

Star-Nosed Mole Castle is located in a spacious underground cavern. It is surrounded by a moat.


The castle is cragged in appearance, suggesting that it may be made of rock. It consists of a number of rounded sections, with illuminated yellow windows. Toward its top are ramparts, above which are towers. Its door is guarded by a red portcullis.


A brief skirmish was held here when several members of First Squad were abducted by the star-nosed moles. It was cleared up when Star-Nosed Mole King was saved from a falling stalactite by Commander ApeTrully.


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