In this show, the Spiders are larger than humans and are led by Spider King. They have Spider soldiers called Arachno-Tanks that can shoot beams from their eyes and web balls from their mouths.

The Spiders are allies of the Fox King where he leads them into ambushing Commander ApeTrully and the Tank Army in the desert. First Squad encounters Fox King and the Arachno-Tanks in a canyon where they end up in battle with each other. First Squad manages to fall back after Mighty Ray fires his electric bolts at a ridge. Upon salvaging some parts from the tanks, First Squad creates some mini-tanks to ambush the approaching Fox King and the Arachno-Tanks where the vehicles prove to be too fast for the Arachno-Tanks to attack. When High Roller and Bearstomp were repelled and Fox King's family having been rescued, Spider King joins up with Big Green (with his classification being Hero 047).


  • Strangely, the spiders resemble real-world insects far more than real-world spiders, given that they possess only six legs and have three, rather than two, distinct body segments.
Basic Information

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