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Sheep Castle
Season 1, Episode 47
Wet Sheep
Airdate: March 28, 2010
Director: Pongo Kuo and Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Kent Redeker
Porcupine Castle
Penguin Castle

Sheep Castle is episode forty-seven of season one of Hero: 108.


Yaksha and Mystique Sonia feud while First Squad confronts the treacherous sheep.


It begins with Yaksha teasing Mystique Sonia and she chases him around Jumpy Ghostface, who is sleeping on the table. Yaksha accidentally catches a piece of Jumpy's fur on his claw as he runs around, and it unravels the fur from Jumpy's top half and arms, leaving it bare. Sonia notices and is horrified , and as Jumpy starts to wake,  she quickly lifts him and runs to his bedroom and places him in bed and tucks him in, puts on his sleep blindfold (so if he wakes up it will seem dark to him) and corks his ears (so he cannot hear). She then screams and becomes mad at Yaksha, saying she will never speak to him again.

Meanwhile, at Sheep Castle, Commander ApeTrully is taking some gold to try and befriend the sheep. He talks to a sheep at the door, asking why they listened to High Roller. The sheep says he will have to ask Sheep Queen, and he will gladly lead him to the queen. He gives ApeTrully a woolly sweater to wear as a "sign of respect for the queen". ApeTrully puts it on and goes in with the sheep. Then a scream is heard and signals go out to Big Green.

Back at Big Green, the alarm sounds and Mr. No Hands asks where Jumpy is. Sonia looks really nervous and says that he cannot come, lying that he has a cold. They all look puzzled , but do not question it. Yaksha appears behind Sonia and tries to make it up to her by giving her a rose, but she destroys it and they all look puzzled again, but do not question this either . First Squad deploys and they head to Sheep Castle.

On the way to Sheep Castle, Yaksha, sitting on Mighty Ray's head, looks at Sonia, who looks away huffily. Mighty Ray wonders what Yaksha did to upset her.

At Sheep Castle, they hide in a tree, looking for a way into Sheep Castle. They see the same sheep that ApeTrully went with and he says he will show them inside. He gives them sweaters to wear, and shows them in. They walk through a waterfall and get wet, then their jumpers shrink almost instantly, making it hard for them to move. Sheep run at them and Sonia tries to use her tongue, but it fails to stretch and the sheep butt her into the wall. Mighty Ray tries to eat a banana to recharge his eyes, but he cannot reach his mouth due to the tightness of his sweater, and the sheep butt him into the wall too. Lin Chung tries to reach his staff, but he cannot reach it and the sheep butt him into the wall as well. Lin Chung then realises that wool shrinks when it gets wet, so in theory, if the sheep get wet they will shrink too. He tells Yaksha to splash water on the sheep. Yaksha does this, but nothing happens. The sheep laugh and say it is a sheep secret. Lin Chung uses his panther vision to see up close, and he sees that the sheep's woolly coats have oil on them, repelling water, which prevents them shrinking. Lin Chung tells Yaksha to go back to Big Green and get Baboon King.

Yaksha runs along, going as quick as he can, back to Big Green. When he gets there he tells Baboon King to come with him. Meanwhile, Jumpy is still asleep, he sits up, but then lies back down, giggling sleepily.

Back at Sheep Castle, Yaksha returns with Baboon King. Baboon King grabs the sheep and throws them in washing barrels, and whizzes them around washing them and when they pop out, they shrink. The sheep say how uncomfortable it is, then all walk to a wall and through a secret doorway , which leads to a room where there is a fire with steps on either side and a grate over the fire. They are using their "secret sheep steam" to go back to normal size. First squad sneak over when the sheep are not looking and stand on the grate. The sheep then notice, and try to douse the flame, which in turn creates more steam and  unshrinks their jumpers. Sheep Queen then says she will not join Big Green unless one of them can beat her in a knitting competition.

They all try knitting. Lin Chung keeps adding and dropping stitches, Mighty Ray ends up tangled in wool, and Sonia is not getting very far. Yaksha then watches Sheep Queen and seems what she does. Yaksha jumps on Sonia's head and grabs the knitting needles as well. Sonia asks what he is doing and he is copying Sheep Queen. Sheep Queen shows what she has made and Sonia has made the same thing. Sonia forgives Yaksha, and Sheep Queen is amazed and says she will join Big Green. Sonia tells her that she has a job for her.

Back at Big Green, Sonia gets Jumpy out of bed and places a woolly jumper on him that is the same colour as his fur, covering his bald area. She says that Jumpy looks cuter than ever. Yaksha gets jealous and cross at this and steam comes off him, setting the sprinklers off and making Jumpy's sweater shrink, waking him and making it obvious what has happened. Sonia becomes mad at Yaksha again.


  • First appearance of Sheep Queen.
  • First time Mighty Ray has carried Yaksha.
  • In this episode, it is shown that Jumpy wears a blue sleep blindfold to bed.
    • It is also shown that Jumpy has a big carrot pillow on his bed.