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The Shadow Monster is a creature that appeared in the episode "Shadow Monster".

Shadow monster as we first see it

Appearance Edit

The Shadow Monster is very large and blocky. It is charcoal black coloured and has a half cyan and half red panel where its face should be that has a single yellow "eye" on it. It has a small mouth with a blue tongue and long thick cuboid shaped arms and short cuboid shaped legs.


The Monster was capable of stealing the powers and skills of its victims, such as Commander ApeTrully's persuasive speaking abilities and Mystique Sonia's tongue skills. Additionally, once it had these abilities, it could use them with the same skill as that of the original owners. In some cases, it could generate tools to complement them, such as a rope with which to use Jumpy Ghostface's powers.


The Shadow Monster has no real personality, since it is a shadow and it copies whoever's powers it steals. It acts evil due to being created by the Zebra Brothers' Ghost Lanterns.


  • Despite having a red and blue face, Twin Masters is never mentioned in relation to the Monster. Although it can be assumed that these colors correspond to the Zebra brothers' lanterns, it is odd that Twin Masters was not considered a suspect.