Seahorse Prince

The seahorses are a race of animals that inhabit Hidden Kingdom. Various seahorses serve different allegiances, notably, the red Seahorse Prince and the blue Seahorse Prince, the latter of whom was formerly allied with HighRoller but may now be allied with Big Green.


Seahorse from different factions allied with Big Green and HighRoller, intending to use each side's warriors to wage their own war. They also collaborated with Twin Masters, such that his Chaotic Energy might allow them to control their unwitting pawns. When their ruse was exposed, First Squad and HighRoller's brigade briefly began a truce to turn against the seahorses. Both Seahorse Princes then combined into a more powerful form, but were defeated by the same joint effort.

Evidently, the blue Seahorse Prince returned to HighRoller by the time of the final battle with Twin Masters, and he along with the Zebra Brothers, Chameleon Queen, and Bearstomp, sided with Big Green to form the Bronze Giant and destroy their common enemy. He was not seen returning with HighRoller, so he may have chosen to join Big Green.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The seahorses are capable of shooting powerful blasts of water from their mouths. They can be used as water guns by allies, and prolonged periods of doing so caused these allies to develop water-based secondary powers. Seahorses are capable of levitating when not in the water, and at least some of them can combine with one another into a more powerful form. In this form, they have demonstrated increasee resistance to attack. 


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