Seagull solider

The Seagulls are a race of animals that inhabit Hidden Kingdom. They are ruled by Seagull King and his son, Seagull Prince.


The seagulls historcally lived near fishing villages, where they learned human language. Sometime later, during the events of Prince of Seagulls, they entered a battle with First Squad, and, despite initially possessing the upper hand, surrendered the fight when Lin Chung honorably saved the clumsy Seagull Prince. The two then made peace, and both Seagull King and his son proceeded to side with Big Green.

Upon learning of the king's shame at the shortcomings of his son, First Squad took it upon themselves to train Seagull Prince. They did so with a considerable degree of success, but failed to convince Seagull King of this.  When the Flying Squirrel army attacked a human village, he refused to allow his son to accompany him and First Squad in the subsequent counter-attack mission. Unbeknownst to him, Seagull Prince tagged along and lent considerable aid in the battle, to the point his father finally accepted him. 

Seagull Prince would later return in The Bronze Giant to help form the Bronze Giant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They have the ability to form a whirlwind by holding onto each other's wings and can also shoot a red smokescreen.