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Scorpion Castle
Season 1, Episode 40
Production Code: 120
Airdate: 25th March 2010
Director: Pongo Kuo, Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Kent Redeker
Turtle Cannon Competition III
Table Soccer Competition

Scorpion Castle is episode forty of season one of Hero: 108.


After breaking a paper cut that the scorpions have made, Commander ApeTrully is captured and First Squad have to come and rescue him.


The episode starts with a normal day in Big Green and Mystique Sonia suggests decorating the First squad meeting room. However, Mr. No Hands refuses to allow her, arguing that military bases are not supposed to look pretty. Sonia then trys to paint her nails, but Mighty Ray jogs her, so she gets Lin Chung to do it, upsetting Yaksha and Mighty Ray in the process.

Meanwhile, Commander ApeTrully stumbles across some humans who are being abused by the scorpions, who have decorated their homes with unwanted paper-cuts. Apetrully breaks one, and is captured by the scorpions and Zebra brothers. He signals back to Big Green, and First squad set out to rescue him, with Mighty Ray and Yaksha determined to prove they are better than Lin Chung.

They arrive at Scorpion Castle , which Lin Chung thinks looks dazzling in the moonlight, and he starts to paint it. The scorpions attack, stinging First squad one by one, who are forced to stand upside down by the scorpion poison. Worse still, the Zebras have the antidote. Mighty Ray and Yaksha combine, zap all the Scorpions, and force the Zebras to give them the antidote. With First Squad back to normal, the Scorpions turn on the Zebra Brothers, who use their Ghost Lanterns (as a full moon is in the sky) to fuse together into the "Giant Monster Zebra " and set about destroying the Scorpions papercuts for "no reason whatsoever". However, Sonia feeds Yaksha 100 buns, causing him to grow to giant size, and adsorb First squad, creating Yaksha-tron. Lin Chung is eager to get back to his drawing, but Mr. No Hands bans Lin Chung from drawing anymore until he uses Yaksha to defeat the Giant Monster Zebra. After a battle, Yaksha and First squad do defeat the Zebra, and the Zebra Brothers shrink back to normal size and leave in their rolling formation. The scorpions then join Big Green to be in charge of the festival decorations.

Some time later, back at Big Green, Mystique Sonia tries to show of her new year dress , but the rest of First Squad are distracted by the papercuts the scorpions have made. The episode ends with Mystique Sonia put out that only now First Squad like decorations.


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