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Roto-Wolves (episode)
Season 2, Episode 42
Production Code: 222
Director: Pongo Kuo, Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Thomas Pugsley and Greg Klein
Cyber Animals

Roto-Wolves is episode forty-two of season two of Hero:108, and episode ninety-four overall.


Lin Chung is lost in the forest after the Air Force's fight with the Roto-Wolves. With Mr. No Hands on a mission, First Squad has to travel into the Roto-Wolves Forest to find him. 

Lin Chung along with the Air Force (Rosefinch, Mano and Burly) are scouting the areas of Barbed Iron Forest in search of Twin Masters or High Roller's forces' activity when they are suddenly attacked by Roto-Wolf King and his pack. The Air Force takes heavy damage and Lin Chung acts as distraction to allow Rosefinch and the others to escape. 

In the ensuing struggle, Lin Chung is hit by Roto-Wolf king's dart claws and falls down in the forest. The Air Force is forced to retreat and return to Big Green. 

By landing badly, Lin Chung has wounded a leg which makes hard for him to walk.  He presses forward as the Roto-Wolves are searching for him. 

Back at Big Green, Rosefinch reports to First Squad about the situation. Mystique Sonia suggests to organize a rescue party but she's interrupted by Mighty Ray, who asks who made her the leader. With Lin Chung lost and Mr. No Hands out in a mission, Sonia states that someone must be the leader. The two's discussion is interrupted by Jumpy, who reminds them they have to find Lin Chung. Mighty Ray and Sonia agree and ask Rosefinch to ready the rockets. 

Meanwhile, Lin Chung is hiding from the Roto-Wolves that are searching for him and he uses tricks and strategies to set them off his tracks (such as swimming in the river to hide his scent). 

The Air Force and First Squad flies over the forest and the heroes jump off and uses parachutes to land. They are, however, spotted by the wolves which attacks the heroes. 

Jumpy cuts loose the parachutes' ropes, making First Squad fall down in the forest where they manage to land (more or less) safely. Jumpy finds tracks of Lin Chung and the Roto-Wolves and the three have a short discussion on who takes the lead. Since Jumpy is the best tracker, he tells them to follow him. 

The Roto-Wolves are still searching for Lin Chung, with little result watsoever thanks to the warrior's tricks. Lin Chung ambush and steal a Roto-Wolf's blade. 

First Squad loses Lin Chung's tracks by the river, which makes Jumpy confuse. Sonia then looks to the top of the waterfall and suggests Lin might try and get to a higher position where he has better chance of rescue and the three head for it. 

Lin Chung is waiting for rescue when a Wolf attack him by surprise and after a short struggle, Lin manages to throw off balance the wolf. He then uses the roto-wolf blase to cut a rope and successfully capture the wolf with a trap. Lin Chung leaves a message for Roto-Wolf King stating that "he does not seek conflict, but he shall not avoid it". He walks away. 

First Squad gets on the top of the waterfall but are attacked again by the wolves. After defeating them, Mighty Ray tells Sonia and Jumpy to follow him. 

Lin Chung ambushes and ties up another Roto-Wolf, but turns out to be a trap as Roto-Wolf King used his subject as bait to lure Lin Chung out. Before the Roto-wolves can finish him off, First Squad rushes to Lin Chung's aid and fights off the pack while Lin Chung fights Roto-Wolf King. 

In the fight, Roto-Wolf King manages to break Lin Chung's bamboo staff and seem to have him cornered when Lin Chung manages to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat. 

Roto Wolf King bows to the hero and Jumpy translates that Wolves are pack animals. By defeating the King, Lin Chung is now the new leader of the wolves. 

Lin Chung refuses to take the leadership and offers Roto-Wolf King to join Big Green, making them friends and allies to which the King accepts. 

Sonia then says that Lin Chung already has a job: being the best leader First Squad could ever have. Mighty Ray and Jumpy agree. 

In the ending scene, First Squad is seen to return to Big Green, carried by the Roto-Wolves.  

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Notes Edit

  • First appearance of the Roto-Wolves.
  • One of Lin Chung's bamboo staffs gets broken.
  • Mighty Ray, Mystique Sonia and Jumpy ends up disagreeing often about who is the 'second in command' whenever Lin Chung and Mr. No Hands are absent.


  • Three air force planes are seen flying over the forest for the majority of their scene. However, four are seen retreating.

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