This article is about the animals. You may be looking for the episode.
Roto-Wolves are a race of animals native to Hidden Kingdom.  Their name derives from the helicopter rotors attached to special harnesses which they wear in order to fly.  They dwell in the Iron Forest and are led by Roto-Wolf King

Roto-Wolves with their King


The roto-wolves resemble bipedal grey wolves wearing green helicopter packs. Roto-Wolf King has darker fur and a red helicopter pack.


They are agile fighters in the air, rototating their helicopter blades and the tips of their tails to stay aloft. Their natural skills include tracking abilities and enhanced strength.  They can launch claws from their paws as bullets and use their elicopter blades as boomerangs.



  • They are based on gray wolves and helicopters. 
  • In the series, they invented aerial dogfighting and managed to defeat Big Green Air Force with ease.
  • Roto-Wolves hold the distinction of being the only animals to break Lin Chung's bamboo staff .

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