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Basic Information
Species Human
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Burly, Mano, Master Chou, First Squad, Hens, Bats
Enemies High Roller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased), Zebra Brothers, Bearstomp
Voice Actress Kelly Sheridan

Rosefinch is currently the only female member of Big Green Air Force. She usually rides alone, but tends to ride with Lin Chung, because she has a crush on him. She often works as a scout for Big Green, and on one occasion appeared to act as the air force's leader in Master Chou's absence.


Rosefinch is average height and is quite slender. She has prawn pink skin, a round head, large eyes with large black pupils, a small nose and slightly darker pink lips. She wears a white outfit that resembles a tunic,that has a blue collar, a black stitch pattern up the front, a black belt around her waist, giving her an hourglass shape, and an ice blue trim around the "skirt". She also wears blue wristbands on her wrists, white trousers and blue shoes. She also wears a white standard Air Force cap which covers her hair, which is a big black Afro, that is used in the place of a parachute.


Rosefinch seems to be very confident, as she tends to talk a lot. She also seems to be very brave, as she, like the rest of the Air Force, fights in air battles. She also worries about her teammates, as seen in "Bald Eagle Castle", when she showed discomfort when Master Chou was taken hostage by the Eagles.



  • Rosefinch's name comes from the bird, a Rosefinch. This is likely a reference to the fact that she does fly, in the Air Force, and birds fly too.
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