Rhino King
Rhino King
Basic Information
Rhino King is the king of Rhinos. He made an appearence in "Folk Game Competition". He is distinguished from his minions since he's the only grey one (same color as a real one), has the biggest eyes, etc. Under the stamp, is his horn, much like the other Rhinos. The Rhinos are so tough, they actually withstood Mighty Ray's blast, hence when rushing out of the giant hole. When mad, his eyes turn red. When they joined Big Green, they became the Rhino Typewriter. later in the season 2 premier the rise of lin chung during lin chung's training rhino king appears and attacks lin chung later in episode it was revealed he was an illusion. later during a flashback in the episode the eyes of mighty ray part 2 it was revealed that prior to mighty ray joining first squad he tried to take down high roller and rhino king was one of the animal leaders who tried to stop mighty ray

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