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Rhino Castle
Season 1, Episode 20
Rhino King bellows
Production Code: 110
Airdate: March 12, 2010
Director: Pongo Kuo, Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Laura McCreary
Dog Castle
Lion Castle

Rhino Castle is episode twenty of season one of Hero: 108.


Commander ApeTrully gets stamped by Rhino King, who now thinks he owns him.


The episode starts with the Zebra Brothers announcing to High Roller the gifts he has recieved from the animal armies . All goes well until the Zebras tell High Roller that the Rhinos have only sent him a broken vase. Highroller and the Zebra Brothers go to Rhino castle , where the Rhino King explains the Rhinos took the smashed vase from the humans trash, as they don't want to steal from the humans. High Roller claims the Rhinos don't need to steal and gives them all stamps , claiming that if they stamp something , it will then belong to them, so they can give it to him . The Rhinos quickly stamp all the humans vase's, and the Zebras claim they belong to the Rhinos now . Apetrully arrives and offers gold to the Rhinos, but the Zebras stick a pin in Rhino King's backside, causing him to charge at Apetrully and stamp Apetrully's backside. The Zebras then claim Apetrullys backside belongs to the Rhino's now, and Apetrully signals First Squad. First squad set out to rescue Apetrully, but Mighty Ray's turtle lags behind because it has eaten too much breakfast.Mighty Ray tells the Turtle that he is useless if he can't keep up with the others , and pinches him ,causing him to cry. The tear somehow travels back to Big Green , where it extinguishes a large candle in the Turtle's sleeping chamber. The Turtle's then rush to Mighty Ray and the crying Turtle, and the Turtle's punish Mighty Ray for bullying the Turtle by blasting him with thier cannons.Meanwhile,the rest of First Squad reach Rhino Castle and notice Mighty Ray is missing .He finally catches up ,claiming he had to go and save some animals from a forest fire . His Turtle tells First Squad that Mighty Ray is lying, and Mighty Ray pinches him again, and the Turtle cries again and once again the Turtle's come and blast Mighty Ray . Turtle King then explains that when a Turtle is hurt by a friend, the pain of that betrayal gives a tear the strengh to travel many miles . Turtles will always rush to the aid of a crying comrade. First Squad then approach Rhino Castle, where Apetrully is being forced to work as a slave for the Zebra Brothers. First Squad are then ambushed by Rhinos disguised as rocks , but cannot harm the Rhinos because thier skins are too tough. Fortunatly , Mr No Hands tricks Mighty Ray into pinching his Turtle again , and the Turtle Army arrive and help First Squad by forming walls around the Rhinos . The Rhinos then stamp all the Turtles, and then claim to First Squad that since the Turtles have been stamped by the Rhinos , they are the Rhinos property. Mr No Hands tells them the truth that just because you stamp something , it doesn't make it yours.Rhino King is then let out of the Turtle cage to express his discontempt to the Zebras, who have taken a nap during the battle . The Rhino King then knocks the Zebra Brothers all the way back to East Citadel, where they crash through the roof and land on top of Highroller. The Rhinos then join Big Green , but are sad they no longer have a use for thier stamps . Woo the Wise gives them a use for thier stamps, however, by inventing a "Rhino Typewriter". The episode ends with the Turtles blasting Mighty Ray yet again , after pinching his Turtle again for snaking on food.

Notes Edit

  • First appearance of the Rhinos and Turtle King.

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