Smiling Seahorse Prince

Red Seahorse Prince smiling

Red Seahorse Prince is the unofficial name of one of the two brother Seahorse Princes. He leads a faction of seahorses against his brother the Blue Seahorse Prince in hopes of becoming king.


Some time prior to meeting First Squad, Seahorse Prince began a campaign to defeat his brother. To this end, he made a deal with Twin Masters, and made a ploy of helping First Squad against the Flying Fish army to gain their trust. The influence of the seahorses altered First Squad's behavior and prompted them to leave Big Green.

First Squad soon met HighRoller, Bearstomp, and the Zebra Brothers, who were also armed with seahorses. The two parties engaged in combat, but the tide of battle turned when it became clear that the seahorses were not only using their allies to wage their own war, but that the seahorses were corrupted by Chaotic Energy and that this was a scheme by Twin Masters. Lin Chung realized this, and used Harmonic Energy to counteract the effects of Chaotic Energy. The various combatants then found various ways of removing the seahorses from their arms. In retaliation, both brother princes revealed the ability to combine, though they were quickly defeated by the combined power of both HighRoller's force and that of Big Green.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Seahorse Prince possesses the ability to shoot powerful blasts of water from his mouth. He is capable of some degree of levitation, and is versed in human language.

He can combine with his brother. In this form, they proved resilient to Mighty Ray's lightning and Jumpy Ghostface's carrot grenades, though they were reduced to normal strength when separated.



  • Red Seahorse Prince and Blue Seahorse Prince's colours correspond with Twin Masters.

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