Rabbit Castle, shrouded in fog

Rabbit Castle is a location in Hidden Kingdom. It is home to the rabbits and is currently ruled by the Rabbit King, Jumpy Ghostface.

Surrounding AreaEdit


Carrot Forest

Rabbit Castle is situated in a rocky stretch of land where enormous carrots are known to grow. These carrots are so large and so abundant that they create a veritable forest. Outside of the carrot forest are predominantly rocky areas, characterized by certain large stone outcroppings and pine trees. Farther in the distance, white mountains are visible. To another side, the one which faces Big Green, there is what appears to be a large cliff in the distance. The region appears to be prone to thick fog, which can conceal it from view entirely.


The castle is constructed of grey stone. It is cylindrical, with an ornate roof. Surrounding it are several exterior walls, however, they do not entirely encircle it, suggesting that they are unfinished or damaged. The structure has round windows, which are large enough for a rabbit to fit through.




Within Rabbit Castle is a large open space, which, judging by the windows, appears to occupy most of the building. A string of paper lamps hangs between the walls. A long red carpet is stretched across the floor. Several niches within the walls contain statures of an elderly rabbit.


First seen in Rabbit Castle, this was the site of an encounter between Big Green and the rabbits, who had been abusing humans after allying with HighRoller.

Later, in Ninja Fight, the castle served as the battleground between Jumpy Ghostface and Spotter, who wished to possess the castle.


Rabbit Castle (location)
Basic Information

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