Leeches disguised as pythons

Pythons are a race of animals in Hidden Kingdom.  No python has yet been distinguised as a king or queen, nor has any castle of theirs appeared or been mentioned.  They have shown no particular allegiance to either Big Green or Highroller.


At least one python was bitten by leeches sometime prior to Leech King. The leeches subsequently used the python form in a ruse to lure First Squad, pretending to be pythons while attacking another leech disguised as Lion King.

True pythons debuted The Third Squad, in which several had been captured, along with several cheetahs and oxen.  HighRoller used them to create fusion warriors with the Amulets of Chi Gong.  Each warrior consisted of a python, a cheetah, an ox, and one of Highroller's bear warriors.  Highroller himself also entered one of these fusions.  These warriors, evidently controlled by the bear soldiers, fought the combined First and Second Squads.  Eventually, the combined warriors were separated, allowing the pythons to be free.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

According to HighRoller, pythons have great agility.  Leeches disguised as pythons utilized powerful coils in combat.


  • The pythons appearing in The Third Squad have dark markings under their eyes, which is characteristic of leeches in disguise.  However, these were clearly true pythons, as the fusions they entered lacked leech powers.
    • This is also interesting because Leech King and The Third Squad aired on the same day.
  • The pythons slither in an up-and-down fashion, whereas all real-world snakes slither side-to-side.
Basic Information

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