Pterodactyls are a race of animals that inhabited Hidden Kingdom long ago. They died out, but were briefly resurrected when the bald eagles transformed themselves into pterodactyls in The Return of the Pterodactyls.


Save for the transformed bald eagles, no actual pterodactyls have appeared. They evidently died out an extremely long time ago.

In the modern day, the bald eagles became pterodactyls by poisoning the Fruiter's Humbata trees and drinking their sap. They proceeded to wreak havoc until a coral belonging to the Fruiter was able revert them to their original forms.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As pterodactyls, the eagles demonstrated the ability to fly at high speeds and with great agility. They were also able to spit a toxic purple goo that transformed other being into prehistoric forms, though this is likely a power only of the transformed eagles.



  • Whereas the gomphos which Jumpy Ghostface turned into was actually a prehistoric relative of modern rabbits, pterodactyls are not related to eagles or any modern birds.

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