Prince of Seagulls
Season 2, Episode 7
Prince of Seagulls 019
Production Code: 204
Airdate: May 9, 2012
Director: Pongo Kuo, Trevor Wall
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Thomas Pugsley, Greg Klein
The Lizard King
The Fruiter

Prince of Seagulls is episode seven of season two of Hero: 108, and episode fifty-nine overall.


Seagull Prince and Seagull King join Big Green. While Seagull King boasts excessively, Seagull Prince annoys everyone except Lin Chung with his clumsiness.


First Squad is fighting the seagull army atop some high rocks overlooking the sea. The seagull army is fierce, but the members of First Squad are holding their ground. One seagull, however, is much weaker than the rest; he is shot down and nearly falls into the sea, a fate which he bemoans because he can barely swim. Lin Chung opts to save him, and the battle is ended by Seagull King, who reveals that this weak seagull is his son, Seagull Prince. The seagulls subsequently join Big Green.

In Big Green, Seagull King begins to annoy everyone with his overbearing boasting, while Seagull Prince upsets others with his clumsiness. First Squad thus assumes the responsibility of training him, and force him through many exercises. Seagull Prince learns quickly, but lacks a chance to prove himself.

When a report comes in of flying squirrels attacking a human village, First Squad and Seagull King set out to bring aid, with Seagull King ordering his son to remain behind. The squirrels, however, prove to be a greater threat than expected. Lin Chung hatches a plot to trap the squirrels within a hollow tree, and this is aided by the timely appearance of Seagull Prince, who, though disobeying his father, helps him to lure the squirrels into the tree. Mighty Ray and Lin Chung then seal the opening.

After the battle, Seagull KIng apologizes for his boasting, and especially for underestimating his son.


  • When Seagull Prince is still weak, he retains a crooked beak which he got early in the episode. After he toughens up, his beak straightens.
  • Mystique Sonia's "special mug" getting broken by Seagull Prince was Sonia's own fault, because she lent it to him.
    • However, she was likely trying to be helpful by lending it to him, and didn't know he would break it.
  • First apperance of the flying squirrels and seagulls.


  • "I hope that wasn't anybody's special mug."~ Seagull Prince
  • "By special, do you mean having had it since you were five years old?"~ Mystique Sonia.


  • Mr. NoHands is visible with First Squad
  • When First Squad sets out for battle with the flying squirrels, Mr. NoHands is faintly visible above them in the overhead scene. Later, he is nowhere to be seen, and ApeTrully has accompanied First Squad instead.
  • When Seagull Prince joins the battle with the flying squirrels, his beak is crooked for a moment before it becomes straight again.
  • In one scene, Lin Chung is running alongside Seagull Prince. When the scene shifts, Lin Chung is suddenly standing next to Mighty Ray.


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