Parrot Castle

Parrot Castle is home to the parrots. It is ruled by Parrot King.

Surrounding AreaEdit

Parrot Castle is located in a forest. The ground is rocky in some places, and the local humans live in underground houses.


The castle is tall, with a wide roof supported by exterior columns. It features a central door, above which is a large window, not unlike stained glass. Various ornamentation dangles from the coners of the roof, which also projects into a small spire at its center. Certain holes exist within its walls, which appear to be some sort of damage.


  • According to Groundhog King, Parrot King gave language lessons here. Evidently, however, none of Commander ApeTrully's language lessons were held here, as ApeTrully did not even know the location of the castle prior to Parrot Castle.

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