Lin Chung, using Panther Vision

Panther Vision is an ability most notably possessed by Lin Chung, who has used it on many occasions.


Panther Vision allows the user to see great distances away when they hold their hands up to their eyes like binoculars. It also allows the user to see things in slow motion when they are moving at great speeds. Additionally, it can magnify microscopic objects, as in Sheep Castle, when it allowed Lin Chung to see the oil on the sheep's wool, and allow the user to see certain invisible objects, such as the cloaked Cocky Alien in Cheetah Castle. It is currently unknown if Panther Vision is a learned ability, or if a user who has it was born with it.


  • Currently, the only known user of Panther Vision is Lin Chung.
    • It is possible that the ability is unique to him, though the power itself is familiar to beings who have not met him, indicating that it has been mentioned in legends which they have heard.
  • The cheetahs have a legend about about a warrior with the Panther Vision, who turned out to be Lin Chung.
  • The connection of Panthers to Panther Vision is as of yet unknown.
  • In the Chinese CGI promo, Lin Chung was known as PantherEye. This could be a reference to him having Panther Vision.


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