Pangolins are a  race of animals that inhabit Hidden Kingdom.  They are known to reside at Pangolin Castle under the leadership of Pangolin Queen and, presumably, her currently unseen
Pangolin soilders with nets

A group of soldiers with nets



By the will of Pangolin Queen, pangolins began to harass humans, whom Pangolin Queen considered to be weak and unable to care for themselves. Thus, under the banner of mercy and compassion, she began adopting them as pets and refusing to allow them to be free.

When Commander ApeTrully came with the Tank Army in Pangolin Castle to investigate the reports that pangolins were imprisoning humans, Pangolin Queen ordered her soldiers to take him by force into her supposed hospitality as well. Consequently, ApeTrully alerted First Squad, who came to his rescue.

Refusing to surrender her beliefs Pangolin Queen issued the Pangolin army to deal with the threat posed by First Squad. In the ensuing battle, the pangolins joined together in gear form to animate a giant wooden mannequin and utilize it in combat. However, the pangolins were subsequently defeated, and Pangolin Queen agreed to join Big Green.

In The Bronze Giant Part I / The Bronze Giant Part II, Pangolin Queen was amongst the 107 heroes who joined together to form the Bronze Giant, granting it Pangolin powers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Pangolins possess thick shells for defense. They can curl into gear-shaped balls, in which form they can spin at high speed to travel. When in this form, they can spin together to operate certain machines, such as their wooden giant.


  • Despite her poor treatment of humans, Pangolin Queen was nonetheless motivated by compassion towards humans, making the pangolins one of the few animals to never be fooled by Highroller's lies.

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