Commander ApeTrully as Monkey King

Monkeys are a species of animal that inhabit Hidden Kingdom. So far, the only monkey that has appeared is Commander ApeTrully, who is the 33rd Monkey King. The Stone Monkey Deity, who gave Mighty Ray his Magical Electrical Eyeballs, also resembles a monkey.


  • It's currently unknown if there are any other monkeys besides Commander ApeTrully and the Stone Monkey Deity, as no other monkeys have ever appeared as of yet.
    • It's presumed there are, as ApeTrully is the Monkey King.
  • ApeTrully has demonstrated access to seemingly unlimited amounts of gold, as demonstrated in Crocodile Castle, while the Stone Monkey Deity's chamber is filled with an enormous amount treasure. Both seem to indicate that the monkeys possess extreme wealth. Despite this, no monkey has ever been seen seeking personal gain by gold.
Monkey king ape trully
Basic Information

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