The Mantises are a race of insects native to Hidden Kingdom, and they are infamous as mercenaries. No mantis has yet been specified as a king or queen, nor has any castle of theirs appeared.


The mantis army evidently came to be mercenaries sometime prior to Ninja Fight, such that by that time Commander ApeTrully was aware of their reputation for it. It was at this time that Spotter led them in a strike on Rabbit Castle. When Jumpy Ghostface came to duel with Spotter, First Squad engaged them. The mantis were eventually put to flight by the intervention of the beetle army. They have not been seen since.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The mantises appear to be fairly strong, and use the sharp edges of the arms in battle. Spotter's mantis army gave him the ability to fly, indicating that they may have this power, though none of them demonstrated it.

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