The Eyeballs removed


The destructive power of the Eyeballs

The Magical Electrical Eyeballs are a pair of ancient lightning artifacts that can be used as eyeballs. Though most famously used by Mighty Ray, they have also been in the possession of the Stone Monkey Deity and Twin Masters. They first appeared in Rabbit Castle, and have appeared in every episode featuring Mighty Ray since.


The Stone Monkey Deity first possessed the Magical Electrical Eyeballs. Their origin is unknown, though Twin Masters confirmed that they are ancient. When Mighty Ray's original eyeballs were turned to stone by the magic of the Zebra brothers Ghost Lanterns, the Stone Monkey exchanged eyeballs with him so that he might combat the darkness creeping over Hidden Kingdom.

In The Eyes of Mighty Ray Part I and II, the eyes were stolen by the Flying Fish, and First Squad go to find the Stone Monkey Deity to see what he can do. When they find him, Commander ApeTrully asks for a favour, and explains what happened. The Stone Monkey Deity restores the connection to the eyes, so Mighty Ray can see no matter where they are. It is then revealed that Twin Masters has the eyes.

They travel to Mt. Tima to find Twin Masters. After battling Chaotic Energy infected Alpacas, they find Twins Masters, and Mighty Ray is forced to try and overload the eyeballs to attack Twin Masters. He later retrieves the eyes, and he is warned his sight may be lost forever. However, luckily it is revealed his eyes are ok and he can still see.


The Eyeballs are spherical in shape, and are yellow coloured with red circular pupils. When charged with electricity, a symbol sometimes appears in the right eye. The symbol appears to be or Diàn, which means "Electricity" in Chinese.


The Eyeballs can create and channel bursts of electricity at the will of the user. The electricity may vary in intensity from sustained blasts of lightning to beams of light only strong enough to illuminate an area.

A being using the Magical Electrical Eyeballs can see through them as long as they remain in physical contact, meaning that sight is permitted through them even if held at a distance. This allows them to be held at arm's length, not unlike a periscope. However, if the Eyeballs are overloaded, their ability to provide sight may be lost permanently.

Consumption of bananas can instantly recharge the Eyeballs, and eating many bananas can super-charge them. However, too many bananas may overload them.


  • During a flashback, Mighty Ray was seen using his then new powers to nearly defeat HighRoller singlehandedly before overloading his eyes. Having at this time eaten a considerable number of bananas, he proved capable of harming animals who are normally immune to lightning attacks.
  • The Eyeballs can be removed.
  • The connection with bananas is likely a reference to Monkeys stereotypically eating bananas.

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