High Roller with a lollipop

Lollipops are a popular treat in Hidden Kingdom. They are popular amongst most animals and are enjoyed hugely by High Roller. High Roller, knowing how much the animals liked them, used them to bribe the animals into turning against Humans and side with him.


Lollipops are strawberry red coloured and are made up of 3 circles on a stick. Most are small, however in "Turtle Cannon Competition III", a giant one was used by High Roller to make Chameleon Queen come back.


  • High Roller enjoys them hugely, as seen in many episodes, most notably "Turtle Cannon Competition III", when he went furious at Chameleon Queen, and banished her from East Citadel when he thought she has eaten all of his lollipops.
  • High Roller has a yellow lollipop symbol on the front of his emperor robe.


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