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Liger Castle

Liger Castle is home to the Ligers. It is ruled by Golden Eye Husky, who is the Liger King. It appeared in Liger Castle.


In "Liger Castle", when Commander ApeTrully heard the Ligers were enslaving Humans, he went to Liger Castle with the Tank Army to try and make peace, using Gold as a peace offering to give to Liger King.

When they got there, Liger King and his cronies, the other Ligers, were pretending to be friendly by wearing cute, harmless looking glasses. Apetrully and the others were fooled by this, letting the Ligers play with the tanks. The Ligers then took control of the tanks and captured them, making Apetrully signal to First Squad for rescue.

When First Squad showed up, they too were fooled until Yaksha popped Mystique Sonia's zit onto Liger Kings glasses. Angry, he destroyed Yaksha with his fire breath and had the ligers fight them.

After Sonia gets Yaksha back (from having a tank driver tell her he loves her) and she makes the others Buns to eat, together they beat the ligers. Liger King challenged them to a ring throwing competition, saying he would join Big Green if they beat him. With help from The Sailor Brothers, signalled by Sonia's bracelet, they beat them and Liger King joined Big Green.

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