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Leeches are a race of animals native to Hidden Kingdom. They are ruled by Leech King, but have no known castle.


The leeches debuted in Leech King (episode), where they infiltrated Big Green using their shape shifting abilities.

Leech King was amongst the 107 heroes to form the Bronze Giant in the The Bronze Giant Part II.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Leeches can transform into any being they touch. In doing so, they are capable of growing and shrinking at will, and can use certain powers possessed by the beings they imitate. They can alter their transformations, as well, to augment them in various was, such as when Leech King sprout extra arms while in the guise of Lin Chung to aid him in battle. When transformed, they eyes of their adopted forms have black markings beneath the eyes, almost like tears.


  • The leeches first appeared disguised as pythons. Real pythons subsequently appeared in The Third Squad, also possessing black marks under their eyes, exactly as leeches have.


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Basic Information

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