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Leech King (character)
Leech King 193
Basic Information
Species Leech
Dwelling Big Green
Allies Big Green, Commander ApeTrully, other Leeches, HighRoller (formerly)
Enemies HighRoller, Twin Masters (formerly, deceased).

Leech King is the leader of the leeches.


At some point in the past, Leech King learned human language and became convinced that Big Green threatened to destroy Hidden Kingdom. He thus set out to destroy it. Along with other leeches, he posed as Lion King and convinced First Squad to escort him to base. Once inside, he and other leeches began attacking Big Green's members, throwing them into the garbage disposal and replacing them with their shape shifting abilities. He ultimately did battle with Lin Chung, the last of Big Green's major members to avoid replacement. At this time, the rest of First Squad had escaped and found both of them, but were unsure which was the real Lin Chung. However, Lin Chung revealed himself through his self-sacrificing nature. Leech King attacked again, but was defeated and made to realize that Big Green sought only peace. He then joined, alongside the other leeches.

Leech King was later amongst the 107 heroes to join in forming the Bronze Giant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Leech King can shapeshift into any being which he has bitten. Once in the form of another, he can replicate that being's voice, and, to a certain degree, his or her mannerisms. He did not demonstrate the ability to use the powers of other beings, but could alter his form in additional ways, such as by growing additional arms to boost his punching power. All forms that he took could be identified by black marks beneath their eyes, though these proved easy to overlook. He is also versed in human language.


Leech King was under the impression that other beings though of leeches as lowly, and even seemed to believe this himself, to the point of being surprised that Big Green would accept him. Nevertheless, he also saw his army as having a responsibility to protect Hidden Kingdom, indicating a sense of justice. In his attack, he proved to be pragmatic to the point of ruthlessness, but was able to accept defeat with grace.


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