Lantern Fish King
Lanternfish King is a powerful undersea king and the only lanternfish yet to appear. He is the only member of his kind ever seen, so it is unknown if there are others, and it is worth noting that he desired to recruit other creatures to form his personal navy, indicating he lacked an army of his own.


In The Ghost Ship, he used his hypnotic powers to summon and control Stingray King and Octopus King, though he was eventually defeated by a joint effort between Lady Green and First Squad.

Later, in The Dark Below, Lanternfish King agreed to bring Big Green's forces to the Trench of Lost Souls such that they could defeat Twin Masters, though he was initially hostile. He also returned to join as part of the Bronze Giant in The Bronze Giant Part II.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Lanternfish King had a hypnotic effect on other sea creatures, even from a great distance. The source of this power was his glowing esca, which mesmerized those around him. Additionally, he was capable of firing energy blasts from it. He also was comparable in size to Sammo, and could dive even deeper. Like Sammo, he could keep his mouth full of air, so as to transport others inside.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lanternfish King came across initially as rude and inconsiderate, as well as hungry for power. He demonstrated little concern over the free will which he robbed from his hypnotized servants, and reportedly insulted Commander ApeTrully's mother as he tried to reason with him. In The Dark Below, he attacked Lin Chung and Lady Green the moment they approached him. However, the Lanternfish King was no friend of Twin Masters, and agreed to aid Big Green in a mission to save Hidden Kingdom. It appears that after this team-up, he became friendlier towards Big Green, enough so as to become one of the 107 united heroes.


  • He is sometimes referred to as Ghostfish King, and this name is used in some production art of him. However, he is referred to as Lanternfish King in the show, and he bears more resemblance to a lanternfish than a ghostfish. It is possible that the name Ghostfish King comes from confusion with the legend for which he was mistaken, that of the Ghost Ship.
  • Peculiarly, he has a hole in his head, not unlike a blowhole.
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Lanternfish King
Lantern Fish King
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