Komodo dragons today

Komodo dragons are an ancient race of animals in Hidden Kingdom. They have no known ruler or castle.


Roughly one thousand years prior to modern day, the Komodo dragons were a great threat to humans.  It is unknown what spurned them to hate humans, though Twin Masters was evidently under the impression that they were simply evil.  During this time, they launched an attack on the fortress of Mang Tu.  Yang Tu, a human warrior, desired to exterminate them, but evidently failed, as they still existed in the modern day.

It was during this modern day that Komodo dragons attempted to defeat First Squad at Mang Tu, possibly at the behest of Twin Masters.  However, when Lin Chung was sent into the past, he interrupted a battle between Yang Tu and the Komodo dragons, sparing them of Yang Tu's wrath.  They subsequently became friendly toward humans, altering the time stream and ending the rest of First Squad's battle with them in the present.


Komodo dragons can shoot fireballs from their mouths.  Their skin is very tough and can resist even Mighty Ray's lightning.


  • In the past, Komodo dragons had spiny plates on the backs, not unlike stegasaurs.  In the present, they lack them.
  • Real world Komodo dragons derive their names from the island of Komodo, where they can be found. Though Hero: 108 typically refrains from mentioning real world locations, Komodo dragons keep their name.


Komodo Dragons
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