Jump ropes consist of a short segment of rope, typically bounded between two handles. They are often used for the actual activity of jumping rope, though the rabbits have achieved such skill with them that they take pride in contests of jumping rope. These competitions involve spinning the rope around the body so quickly as to form a sort of shield. Competitors slam into one another, intending to break through the other's rope. In Folk Game Competition, it was revealed that jump ropes are also used in these competitions, where the goal was to slice a large carrot into segments with the rope.

Jumpy Ghostface and other rabbits are also known to use them for a variety of other purposes, for example, as grappling hooks and lassos.


  • Jumpy has had several ropes destroyed on various missions, and it seems he sometimes carries more than one on a single mission.
  • HighRoller has been revealed to be surprisingly skilled with a jump rope. In Rabbit Castle he was able to nimbly jump atop the heads of bear soldiers while jumping rope. In Pitched Battle of the Tank Army Part I, he was able to deflect Lin Chung's bullets with a jump rope. In Folk Game Competition he actually managed to best Jumpy Ghostface, albeit with a head start.
  • In EgretOx Castle, Jumpy demonstrated the ability to levitate some distance above the ground while jumping rope, so as to protect the locusts.

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