Jellyfish Armour is a disguise most well known by Yan Ching and his warriors.


In "Jellyfish Jam", Yan Ching and his warriors used Jellyfish armour to disguise as Jellyfish, so they could get close enough to First Squad and stab them with their Shrinking Barbs.


Jellyfish armour will make the wearer look just like an ordinary jellyfish. It comes in different colours, Yan Ching's was golden-yellow.


  • Jellyfish armour seems to be a convincing disguise, as none of first squad could tell they weren't really jellyfish, and were fooled by the disguise. Lin Chung even referred to Yan Ching as "Jellyfish King", unaware it was a disguise.
  • Yan Ching possibly uses it after Jellyfish Jam, as a golden jellyfish is briefly visible amongst Big Green's heroes in The Bronze Giant Part II, and jellyfish were never known to ally with Big Green. Yan Ching is not visible anywhere in the crowd, so it may be him.

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