Jellyfish are a race of animals that inhabit Hidden Kingdom. Many jellyfish appeared in Jellyfish Jam, though it is unclear which were truly jellyfish and which were Yan Ching's soldiers in disguise. No jellyfish has been identified as a king or queen, nor has any castle of theirs yet appeared.
Jellyfish King

Jellyfish King


In Jellyfish Jam, First Squad encountered a number of jellyfish while sealing some underwater vents. Some of these jellyfish were revealed to be other beings in disguise, but judging by the small size of Yan Ching's band and the large number of jellyfish, it seems that most were true jellyfish.

A golden colored jellyfish briefly appeared in The Bronze Giant Part II. It is unknown if this was an actual jellyfish or Yan Ching in his disguise.

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