The Inverted Reversal Vaccumator in action.

The Inverted Reversal Vacuumator is an invention of Woo the Wise.


The inverted reversal vacuumator resembles a simple small calabash gourd and is plugged with a cork. When the cork is removed, a powerful tornado of suction materializes, which will attempt to powerfully suck everything in the area into the gourd.


This invention has only been known to be used once, in The Fruiter, to defeat the waspsLin Chung held it while it trapped all of the wasps with its suction. The wasps almost broke free, but Yaksha wrapped himself around it to reinforce it.


The inverted reversal vacuumator is difficult to control. Its suction does not discriminate between friend and foe, leaving it a potential threat to both. Its calabash rind is not particularly durable, leaving beings trapped inside liable to break free.


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