Basic Information
Species Human
Allies HighRoller
Enemies Woo the Wise
Voice Actor Mark Hildreth

Infinitum first appeared in the episode Cyber Animals although his name is not mentioned in the whole episode. He is HighRoller's old classmate from school and creator of the Cyber Animals. He is a rival of Woo the Wise.


Infinitum has peach coloured skin, white eyes with black pupils and a round head with small ears. He wears a light blue version of Woo the wise's outfit, and square shaped glasses with black frames, which magnify his eyes making them look larger than they probably are.



  • An earlier part of his life has been mentioned, he was in Woo the Wise's and HighRoller's class at school.
    • Despite being a classmate of both Woo the Wise and HighRoller, he is absent from the flashback dream that the two shared in Folk Game Competition II. It is currently unknown why this is, although it may mean Infinitum didn't join their class until later, or was absent on the day the flashback dream was about.
    • Due to all being in the same class, it can be assumed that Infinitum, Woo the Wise and HighRoller are all the same age.

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