Iguana King

A yellow iguana, possibly Iguana King

Iguanas are a race of animals inhabiting Hidden Kingdom. They appear to be ruled by Iguana King, but no castle of theirs has yet appeared.
Iguana ..


The iguanas were hostile towards First Squad at the time of The Return of the Pterodactyls. For unknown reasons, they engaged First Squad in battle in the desert. The ensuing battle proved fruitless, however, as both sides sustained losses and no true victory was gained, though the iguanas were eventually repelled. 

The iguanas did not reappear until The Bronze Giant Part II. Evidently, at least one joined Big Green, as he or she was seen united with the other heroes, forming the Giant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The iguanas possess sufficient strength as to be dangerous combatants. One of their signature attacks involves a strike with their powerful tails. They are also fairly durable, as one was seen being bludgeoned with a cactus by Mighty Ray without sustaining any notable wounds. They are known to run at high speeds.

Notable IguanasEdit

Iguana KingEdit

Iguana King was addressed by name by Commander ApeTrully after the battle in the desert. Though never specifically identified, he is likely the iguana with different coloration from the others. Very little is known of him personally.

Hero IguanaEdit

An iguana that was briefly seen with the 107 heroes of Big Green. It is unknown if this is Iguana King, though this iguana has the standard coloration for an iguana.


Iguana King
Basic Information

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