Humbata Trees

Humbata Trees are a species of plants native to Hidden Kingdom. They are extremely mysterious, to the point that Commander ApeTrully claimed that no one had ever seen one before. They are guarded by the Fruiter.


Humbata trees are covered in bark and somewhat resemble pine trees. Near their bases are a mass of roots, somewhat like mangroves, with which they are capable of moving. They have faces, and can move their branches like arms. The Fruiter can communicate with them to some degree, being able to command them to lift him and others or telling them where to go, so they presumably have some degree of intelligence.

Humbata trees are especially valuable for their sap, even the tiniest bit of which is reputed to make those who drink it twenty times as strong. The sap can also be altered when toxins are introduced to the trees; one such toxin produced the effect of reverting organisms into stronger, prehistoric forms. For example, it turned the bald eagles into pterodactyls. Humbata sap is also the only cure for poisoning by mysinchew.



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