The hens are a race of birds known to inhabit Hidden Kingdom. They are ruled by Hen Queen.


The hens at some point in the past became allies of HighRoller and operated at his beck and call. During the events of Pitched Battle of the Air Force Part I, HighRoller commanded them to combine their army with that of the eagles and bats to create an nearly unstoppable flying force.

The hens were present during the subsequent batlle, but mostly operated as subordinates to the eagles, who used their egg blasts as weapons. When Big Green finally grounded the rival air force, the hens continued to act as weapons for the eagles, until all were finally defeated by Mighty Ray's lightning. The eagles made a hasty retreat and abandoned the nearly flightless hens.

The hens then allied with Big Green, realizing that Highroller did not care about them. They were stationed on the wings of the Big Green Air Force planes to use their egg blasts to fight.

Two hens were involved in the fomation of the Chimeric Dragon, which used its combined powers to expose the Black Dragon as a fake and send HighRoller and his forces into a retreat, ultimately to be grounded.

The hens then helped the Air Force, using their egg blasts to defeat the Dumbat created by Mighty Ray.


Hens are short, round animals with large feet that end in claws. They have crests on their heads and beaks. Most hens are green, whith red crests and blue feet, but Hen Queen has red feathers.


The hens, though not strong fliers, have the ability to rapidly fire eggs at high speed and with great accuracy, even when not facing a target. Their talons are strong enough that they can cling even to moving planes with ease.


  • Lin Chung evidently knew of the hens prior to their joining Big Green, as he had a drawing of two hens in his art exhibit early in Pitched Battle of the Air Force Part I, before the eagles, hens, and bats attacked Big Green.

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