The hamsters are a race of animals living in Hidden Kingdom.  The Hamster King, Bushido, is their ruler, though the only other known hamsters are his children.


Hamster King was a warrior, during which time he garnered many legends and rumors, such as that he terrified the entire tarantula army.  The veracity of such rumors is unknown.

He at some point joined with HighRoller, though he did not appear to oppress humans, in part because no humans appeared to live near him.  During this period he spent most of his time with his children. 

The Zebra brothers approached the hamsters at one point, in The Hamster King, and convinced Bushido that Big Green was oppressing Hidden Kingdom's children.  While he set out to face Big Green, the zebras monitored his children.

Bushido proved a significant threat to Big Green and defeated nearly all of First Squad, even holding his own against Lin Chung.  He finally made peace when he saw that the zebras had led his children to the battlefield, and noticed that Big Green's young turtles and his hamster offspring were treated with kindness.

Powers and SkillsEdit

Hamster King, the only known full-grown hamster, possesses great strength and valor.  He has great skill with swords, and is known to carry two swords capable of producing lightning.  He can fire sharp quills from his chest, and was also proficient in human language.

His children proved capable of traveling the form of a wheel by joining together.

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