Season 2, Episode 37
Director: Trevor Wall, Pongo Kuo
Written &
Storyboarded by:
Dean Stefan
The Dark Below
Monster Castle

Gladiators is episode thirty-seven of season two of Hero: 108, and episode eighty-nine overall.


After a battle with the bears, First Squad and Bearstomp awake to find themselves shackled in a strange underground place, where they learn they are to fight one another for the amusement of the minotaur.


In this episode, First Squad is seen captured. Later on, it is revealed that the Minotaur (A mythical creature of Hidden Kingdom) has captured them, Bearstomp, and a few other animals to fight for his enjoyment. A few show fights occur within the episode, but eventually, the group escapes. Only to soon find that the Minotaur has a labrynth... Lin Chung says to go the way less traveled as that is the right path. Eventually, they get to a Mine looking area, and tells all the weaker animals to escape first, Bearstomp being among them, only for him to come back and attack the minions the Minotaur has sent. Eventually, First Squad & Bearstomp defeat the minions, but the Minotaur himself comes to attack Lin Chung, so Lin Chung tells everyone to escape. Now Lin Chung must battle the Minotaur, despite the Minotaur's intelligence, he defeats the Minotaur, destroying his base of operations in the process, with the group gasping as to what happened to Lin Chung, only for him to show up in his Harmonic Energy Shield (which he states was gone in the previous episode). Everyone then cheers... First Squad then talk to Bearstomp about his valiant help in escaping, and he was asked to join Big Green. But, he  just smashes Mighty Ray into the ground and walks away, with Lin Chung mentioning they will fight again, but today, he is an ally... Within the ruins of his base, the Minotaur resurfaces, with a vengeful look on his face...



  • First Squad is prevented from acting freely because of the collars used to control them. Yaksha is not collared, yet they never send him out.

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