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Fruiter is a human hero known for his care of the Humbata Trees. He is also an ally of Big Green.


Fruiter became the guardian of the guardian of the Humbata trees sometime prior to The Fruiter. When members of Big Green came seeking the sap from his trees, he initially distrusted them. He later became convinced of their virtue when they aided him against the barbets.

He appeared again in The Return of the Pterodactyls. His trees were poisoned by the bald eagles, who then used the sap to become pterodactyls. He was able to help save the day with a special coral harvested from the Orange Sea.

Fruiter once again helped Big Green in the The Bronze Giant, when he joined the heroes in forming the Bronze Giant.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fruiter appears to possess extensive knowledge and master of plants. He commands the Humbata trees and was once able to summon a root monster. He wields a staff in battle.



  • A character identical to Fruiter appeared in the game Hero: 108 Online. He is called Lu Zhisen.
    • This name comes from Lu Zhisen, a character in the novel, Water Margin, whose nickname is "Flowery Monk."
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